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We provide strategy, design and technology execution expertise that significantly reduces the lead time and failure rate of strategic digital initiatives.

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For executives who are responsible for advancing strategic enterprise goals, Castnet can significantly improve the time to market and risk of failure of your digital initiatives by bringing in the right people, with the right skills at the right time. Our teams can help you ideate, build, market test, refine and rollout digital experiences that help you make rapid progress on your priorities.

Corporate Investors

For corporate venture teams that are making strategic investments in digital businesses, Castnet can dramatically reduce your risk and improve your investment return by providing operational oversight to your portfolio companies. Our experienced entrepreneurs and operating executives know how to work with the entrepreneurial teams of your portfolio companies to maximize the enterprise value.


For technology entrepreneurs who are creating digital products for the enterprise, Castnet can dramatically accelerate your vision by providing go-to-market, design and technology execution expertise. Our methodology will ensure that you are highly capital efficient and market focused. Castnet will partner with you from inception to exit and bring the right partners at the right time to create significant enterprise value.

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