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Our Journey

We built and scaled digital businesses...

Over the last two decades, we founded and scaled a healthcare technology platform to several million users before it was acquired by a subsidiary of HCSC ($60B member-owned health insurer). We also helped a social good e-commerce business scale to several million in revenue.

...we experienced the issues first hand and learned.

Many digital experiences we built didn’t deliver business results. We had tons of data but making sense of it and understanding customer behavior was costly and time-consuming. We wrestled with the challenges and learned from the school of hard knocks.

Then, we saw others make the same mistakes!

We saw large organizations with incredible missional impact, struggle to adapt and compete with emerging digital-native competitors. We saw them launch digital initiatives and make the same costly mistakes we made. We saw how this affected their ability to make an impact.

So, we decided to help.

That’s why we started CastNet. Now, you can learn from our mistakes and jump straight to the digital approaches that actually work. We’ll help you reduce the lead time and failure risk of your digital initiatives, so you can make a bigger impact serving your community.

Results We've Delivered

Not-for-profit Fortune 500 financial services enterprise


increase in leads generated through digital A/B testing

Quick service restaurant franchisee with 100+ locations across the west coast


increase in net sales through digital cause marketing campaign

National industrial engineering business with 40+ offices


increase in corporate giving due to  higher employee participation

We've built and optimized digital experiences used by employees, customers and partners across a variety of industries.

You have an incredible mission.

Let’s bring it to life through engaging digital experiences.

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