Creating the next wave of technology companies.

We tap into an abundance of expertise to guide each and every company on business, technology and revenue models. We call it the CastNet Way, and it takes early stage investing and entrepreneurship to an entirely new level.

"Companies typically die around ~20 months after their last financing round and after having raised $1.3 million."

The RIP Reporter

The answer? A model to create, accelerate, and advise innovative technology Companies

The CastNet Group creates the next generation of companies in the mobile, cloud, and wearable technology space. We follow some of the same time-tested pathways and principles as traditional entrepreneurs and incubators, but with several key differences that reduce failure rates and increase the probability of predictable outcomes:

Our approaches are based on time-tested methodologies using a business model canvass, LEAN startup methodology, and strategies to improve predictably across the chasm.

The CastNet way is a process to institutionalize the application of these methodologies, strategies, and approaches.

Our experienced entrepreneurs and operators use this framework, and the result is a new model to create, accelerate, and advise innovative technology companies.

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