Early Stage is Where CastNet Group Creates the Most Value

How We Serve Investors

For Venture Capital and other Investors that are making early stage investments, CastNet Group can dramatically reduce your risk and improve your investment return by providing operational oversight to your portfolio companies in understanding and addressing the value and growth hypothesis and making the appropriate pivots in strategy. Our experienced Entrepreneurs and Operating Executives know how to work with the Entrepreneurial teams of your portfolio companies to maximize the enterprise value.

How We Serve Corporate Partners

For large enterprises that seek to create new and innovative business models through the use of Cloud, Mobile and Wearable technologies, CastNet Group can significantly improve your time to market by bringing in the seasoned entrepreneurial team to ideate, incubate and capitalize the right ideas with the right people, processes and resources. Our experienced Entrepreneurs use both a capital efficient process and a rigorous methodology to create scalable companies that are in tune with market needs.

How We Serve Early Stage Technology Entrepreneurs

For Technology Entrepreneurs that are looking to create the next big thing, CastNet Group can dramatically accelerate your vision by providing strategy, business development and technology expertise. Our rigorous CastNet Way methodology will ensure that you are highly capital efficient and market focused. CastNet Group will partner with you from inception to exit and bring the right partners at the right time to create significant enterprise value.